Newtown Youth and Family Services

Adult Substance Abuse Group

Wednesdays at 6:00 PM via Audio/Video Telehealth

Cost: Most private insurance plans are accepted, as are all HUSKY plans.

Facilitated by: Jocelyn Jones, LPCA, NYFS

The goal of the group is to help those struggling with sobriety connect withpeers in a supportive environment to identify triggers and cravings for use, anticipate circumstances that can lead to use, and to identify and practice positive coping skills.

We will use cognitive behavioral therapy strategies and psychoeducation to help members develop self-awareness, understand the recovery process, and develop realistic relapse prevention plans to cope with high-risk situations.

Are you:
Unsure if your drinking or drug use is “normal”? Concerned about the increase in your current drinking or drug use? Feeling alone and afraid to ask, “could I have an alcohol or drug problem”?

You are not alone!
Come and join a supportive, compassionate, non-judgmental therapy group where these questions and doubts can be safely explored.

For more information call NYFS at 203-426-8103