Newtown Youth and Family Services

Festival of Trees Winners

Item # Donor Name Item Name Winner
1 Fay's Finds Fresh Greens Swag Kathy L
2 The Deblasi Family Blue Cupcakes Tree Jackie Denike
3 The Deblasi Family White Large Tree Carrie
4 The Deblasi Family Blue & Gold Tree Ava Giver
5 The Deblasi Family Red & Green Snowman Tree Jeanie Denike
6 The Deblasi Family Old Fashioned Santa Tree Mauren Crick Owen
7 The Deblasi Family Gold Bow & Roses Tree Jenn Hammer
8 The Deblasi Family Mini Pinecone Tree Eileen Meeker
9 The Deblasi Family Gingerbread Tree Jenn Hammer
10 The Deblasi Family Peace, Love & Joy Snowmen Roxanne M.
11 The Deblasi Family Purple & Gold Tree Janice Kovac
12 The Deblasi Family Charlie Brown Tree Elaine Cranes
13 The Deblasi Family Pink & Purple Tree Molly Smith
14 The Deblasi Family Basketball & Football Tree Megan Ward
15 The Deblasi Family Confetti Tree Mauren Crick Owen
16 Dental Associates Teacher Goodie Tree Katie Cummings
17 Girl Scout Troop 40037 Rainbow Tree Megan Ward
18 Megans Circle Candyland Tree Sophia Hammer
19 The Deblasi Family Jar & Bell Centerpiece Michael Leonard
20 Mary Liscinsky  Poinsetta Wreath Lexi Ballwig
21 Mary Liscinsky  Frosty Berry Tree Maureen Crick Owen
22 Mary Liscinsky  Acorn Wreath Comlin
23 Mary Liscinsky  Candy Cane Twig Tree Jen S
24 Jennifer Sinapi Greens Bucket & Truck Isabell Cummings
25 Jennifer Sinapi Poinsetta & Pinecone Wreath Marilynn
26 Paula Brinkman Door of Fairfield Hills Maura Liscoll
27 Jill Pluta Candy Tree Marie Sonsini
28 Girl Scout Troop 50371 Chocolate & Mitten Tree Meghan O'Roark
29 Frances Ashbolt Red & Green Mini Ornaments Tree Alexis Santinello
30 The Deblasi Family Nativity Set Michael Leonard
31 The Denike Family Jars & Pinecones Nicholas Deblasi
32 The Denike Family Candle Wreath Hope
33 The Denike Family Happy Holidays Sign Nancy Bolwig
34 Jennifer Reilly Doggie Tree Hope
35 Jennifer Reilly Blue Bird Tree Joan Cominksky
36 Joanne's Fitness Studio Beach Tree Sophia Hammer
37 Mosely, Pepper, Dino Sweets Tree Emily
38 Planters' Choice Lotto Tree Karina Halwig
39 Urso Family Bucket & Mini Tree Lynn Fowler
40 Newtown Florist Gold Pinecone Tree Janice Kovac
41 Sara Smith Michael's Yarn Wreath Sara Kovac
42 Sara Smith Michael's Fabric Wreath Elise Romanek
43 Friends of Newtown Seniors Sleigh Ride Carol Wakeman
44 Friends of Newtown Seniors Freddy the Flamingo Evyline Rasland
45 Friends of Newtown Seniors Sprouting Watering Can Robin V.
46 Friends of Newtown Seniors Cardinal & Stars Pot Valerie Giarritano
47 Friends of Newtown Seniors Cardinal Ceramic Pot L Morlath
48 Friends of Newtown Seniors Candy Cane Pot Charissa Klein
49 Starsky Sitting Santa Cat Christine Calabrese
50 Church Hill Village Blue & White Wreath 2 Katie Cummings
51 Church Hill Village Blue & White Wreath 1 Nicholas Deblasi
52 Ben's Lighthouse Rainbow Lighthouse Tree Dave Geiger
53 Girl Scout Sr. Troop 50512 Dinosaur Tree Lauren Milliane
54 Girl Scout Daisy Troop 51161 Bird & Pinecone Tree Sheila Eckenrock
55 Girl Scout Brownie Troop 50838 Christmas Workshop Tree Molly Smith
56 Betsy Gaier Gold Berry Wreath Happy L
57 Betsy Gaier White Light Ceramic Tree Rosenthal
58 Betsy Gaier Mini Ceramic Tree Kinsie Hill
59 Betsy Gaier Colorful Lights Ceramic Tree Joan Cominksky
60 Betsy Gaier Red Berry Wreath Kathy L
61 Betsy Gaier Cardinal Basket Katie Cummings
62 Betsy Gaier Berry Centerpiece Michael
63 Betsy Gaier Apple Centerpiece Jen Gouman
64 Trinity Episcopal Church Cooking Tree Billy Ido
65 Shelby Wooden Tree Victoria
66 Luke's Toy Factory Red Sled Andrea Wyatt
67 The Deblasi Family Snowman Baking Goodies Valerie Giarritano
68   Frosty's Hat Cocklins
69 2nd Co. Governor's Horse Guard Dashing Through the Snow Cody
70 Girl Scout Ambassador Troop 50293 Newtown Graduation Tree Billy Ido
71 Girl Scout Troop 50127 Reindeer with Brown Ribbon Comlin Family
72 Girl Scout Troop 50334 Homemade Wooden Ornament Tree Geralynn Klein
73 WIN Holiday Goodies Maura Roche
74 Sweet Creams & Dreams Baking Goodies Basket Jenna Smith
75 Melanie Raslan Red, Green & Gold Ornament Tree Sheila Eckenrole
76 Tisi Family Arts & Crafts Tree Lexi Ballwig
77 Tisi Family Dog Treat Wreath Kathy Hermitson
78 Keller Williams - The Around Town Team Around Town Gift Cards Marie Runa
79 Baum Braces Red & White Bows Lori
80 The Danbury Music Centre Nutcracker Salbo
81 Girl Scout Troop 50440 Driftwood Julie Mooney