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Parenting Education Program

Parenting education programs (PEP) are classes designed to educate adults about the many issues children face when their family situation changes. PEP trains participants about how to help children adjust in a healthy way to divorce or living apart from a parent. PEP includes information about children’s developmental stages, helping children adjust to parent separation, cooperative parenting, conflict management and dispute resolution techniques, guidelines for visitation and parent access, and stress reduction for children. Participation in a PEP class costs $150 per person. The program is offered in one six-hour class or two three-hour classes. For more information about registration please call Sheila Russo, 203.270.4335.

2018 Sessions  

May 14th & May 21st : Mondays from 5:45pm - 9pm

June 9th : Saturday from 9am - 4pm    (1 hour lunch break)

July 16th & July 23rd : Mondays from 5:45pm - 9pm

August 18th : Saturday from 9 - 4pm   (1 hour lunch break)

Sept 10th & 17th : Mondays from 5:45pm - 9pm

October 22nd & October 29th : Mondays from  5:45pm - 9pm

November 17th : Saturday from 9am - 4pm    (1 hour lunch break)

December 3rd & December 10th : Mondays from 5:45pm - 9pm


You will need the form below with you for the class.
Please print out one copy for your records.


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