Newtown Youth and Family Services

Empower Together

Empower Together Program 

Counseling and Case Management

The purpose of the Empower Together Counseling and Case Management program is to provide quality, compassionate care to individuals who have been a victim of a broad range of crimes to work to restore hope and a sense of security often lost after experiencing a crime. We aim to respond to the emotional and practical needs of crime victims though individual, couples and family therapy as well as case management services. Examples of qualifying crimes include, but are not limited to: Adult Physical or Sexual Assault, Bullying, Child Abuse/Neglect, Adults Abused as Children, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse/Neglect, Mass Violence, Survivors of Homicide Victims and Teen Dating Violence. These services are offered free of charge to individuals who qualify. For more information or to see if you qualify, please contact NYFS Intake Coordinator